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The first day of school or work is a mixture of enthusiasm and anxiety. New expectations and a whole new ambience with innumerable questions popping up in your mind. Is it going to be tough? Will I be accepted by my colleagues? What if I can’t meet the target? To answer these questions, you first need to gain some workplace confidence.

Having workplace confidence is important to every employee. Lack of self-confidence in a workplace lowers your self-esteem and affects your productivity. …

After a whole year, the world has stepped on to 2021 with hopes of a vaccine to lead a pandemic-free life. The world’s second-largest populated nation, India, has begun its vaccination drive- one of the world’s largest immunisation procedure- on Saturday, 16th January 2021. Citizens received the news of the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine in India with equal amounts of controversies, anxieties and hope.

The honourable Prime Minister kickstarted the great Indian Covid-19 vaccination drive via a televised address to the nation on Saturday morning. The country is currently depending on two different brands of vaccines, namely ‘Covaxin’ and…

Imagine you are enjoying a beautiful sunset on a beach. Obviously, you will feel like capturing and posting it on social media. You will even prefer to post it with the trending hashtags. It is true that with the advent of social media, people are always connected with their loved ones. Correspondingly, they have become more conscious of their virtual appearance and behaviour. But is social media and depression connected?

Social Media and Well-being

Did one of your social media accounts top the list for the most frequently used application in your phone? Social media is a public platform where you can connect and…

We’ve all heard the good news. After months of prayer and anticipation, we finally have a weapon to fight against the virus that has killed millions of people and wreaked havoc on the economic stability of our society in just a matter of weeks. Russia just came forward as the first country to produce a vaccine, thus claiming the trophy in the race against various countries. And as happy as one ought to be with this wonderful news, it has actually created a sense of suspicion and doubt because of how fast Russia was able to do it, while the…

A stroke is a painful experience to go through, both for the patient and their loved ones. It occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or when there is internal bleeding in the brain. It is even more difficult when it’s an elderly person who has to suffer. But certain steps can be taken to make it easier for the stroke patient. If done right, it can also prove life-saving in certain situations.

How to impart timely care?

There are 3 distinct time-periods of care required for stroke patients. The first is during the incident — the first-aid that’s of immense importance…

Scurvy is a disease caused by severe and chronic vitamin C deficiency. In the past, sailing ships loaded up on citrus fruits like lemons and oranges to stave off scurvy among sailors. Although it is caused by the lack of vitamin C in the diet, leaving it untreated can lead to anemia, debility, exhaustion, spontaneous bleeding, pain in the limbs and legs, swelling in various parts of the body and sometimes loss of teeth and formation of an ulcer in the gums.

The power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is necessary for the body to absorb iron and produce collagen

What is emphysema?

First things first, emphysema is a disease related to lungs that causes shortness of breath, similar to that experienced by asthma patients. According to medical sources, emphysema occurs when the alveoli (air sacs in the lungs) get damaged. In very simplified terms, alveoli work like little sponges in the lungs, helping you to properly take in oxygen while inhaling and get the carbon dioxide out while exhaling. In affected people, over time, the inner walls of the alveoli weaken and break down. This creates larger air spaces instead of the many small ones usually found in the lungs. This creates…

Cerumen is the fancy medical term for the waxy stuff inside your ears, commonly known as earwax. It is a brownish-orange, reddish-yellow, or greyish waxy substance, secreted from the ear canal of humans and all animals.

Earwax is secreted in the outer ear canal, i.e., the area between the fleshy part of the ear and the middle ear. It then gradually moves towards the outer part of your ears. You don’t need to do anything special to remove this sticky, waxy substance. Washing your hair regularly is enough to keep your ears clean.

Cerumen — a pretty useful lubricant

So, why do your ears produce earwax…

a women enjoying time with her baby after having a c section.

Childbirth is a thrilling journey for any parent. You meet for the first time your little bundle of joy whom you have been carrying inside of you for 9 whole months. Yet, it can be tricky too. Especially, when the childbirth is cesarean. A C-section operation or cesarean requires up to 2–3 days in the hospital, and 6 weeks of complete rest at home. Here are a few tips to make the resting period easier.

  • Rest

Plenty of rest after any surgery is important. It might seem hard with a bawling baby at your side, but get help from your…

What is biohacking?

As biotechnologies become cheaper and more accessible, “biohackers” across the world have begun to explore the world of biology from the comforts of their homes. As their name indicates, biohackers apply what’s called a “hacker ethic” to biology — they believe in shared, democratic access to information and technology and in manipulating biological systems, mainly through cell stems, to improve the quality of human life. In fact, they believe that the integration of technology and biology is the new frontier for the development of the human species. …


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