Nomophobia: A Long Word For A Really Common Behaviour

3 min readAug 21, 2020
an image of a nomophobic person

You wake up to the beautiful serenity of the morning; the sun shining brightly through your window, the birds chirping, a calm breeze caressing your face. A beautiful and healthy morning isn’t it? What do you do next? You unlock your mobile phone and look for new messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook right after opening your eyes. This has become a habit of the majority of the common folk.

Have you ever tried not to look at your phone at least for an hour? Have you ever given a thought to understand how much time these electronic gadgets swallow? Every time you look at your phone, you are wasting your precious time which could have been used for some recreational activities. Scrolling down feeds, peeping into the inbox, watching a YouTube video consumes a lot of your time.


Are you addicted to your mobile phone? If yes, then it’s certain that you have nomophobia — a condition where one incessantly checks for messages, missed calls, e-mails etc. Anger, restlessness, depression, irksomeness are the symptoms of this condition. What is an immediate and effective remedy for nomophobia? It is mobile detoxification.

What is mobile phone detoxification?

Mobile detoxification is all about shunning the usage of digital devices like a mobile phone for a specific period of time. The benefit isn’t minuscule, it’s extremely large. Refraining from the use of a mobile phone takes you into nature. You spend more time communicating with people and you involve in small things which give you happiness. Stress reduction and time-saving are the most important twin benefits of mobile detoxification.

How to detoxify?

If you are addicted to your phone, refraining from it is an arduous task unless you take an initiative. The mind is the sole reason behind all the things you do. Get better control of your mind; it is what has troubled man since time immemorial. Have a mind that is pliable for the decisions you make.

Utilize your time judiciously, like doing something that benefits you in some other way. Try to use only the most important apps and uninstall other apps which will further decrease your memory space as well as time-space. Not wasting your time on unwanted apps is the first measure that one should take to follow this method.

Switching on power-saving mode helps. When this mode is on, you are likely to use your phone less which makes you active in real life. Putting your phone in grayscale also sucks out the excitement.

Turning off message notifications will turn your attention away from the phone. The pop-up sounds can trigger your anxiety to know what message has arrived. Therefore, turning off the notifications can help you balance your emotions. In such a technologically advanced world, it’s difficult to handle this issue, but still, nothing is impossible unless or until it is attempted. Find time for more productivity, focus on things which bring you joy, happiness and increase your efficiency. Live life in reality and not virtually as there are lots of breath-taking and sensational things in this amazing world.




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